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Child Protection Values

Statement: Working together to keep our children and young people safe and protected from harm.


Services are inclusive where difference is respected and mutual respect exists between organisations and professionals safeguarding children.


Services are delivered in partnership and are child focused, empathising with the feelings of children, young people and families, through the creation of a safe environment in which concerns can be shared. 


The child’s or young person’s voice is heard, their experience understood and responsibility taken to act in their best interests.


There is a thirst for knowledge, analysing, understanding, challenging and sharing information appropriately and never missing out on an opportunity to find out more about the child or young person’s experience.


Decisions are made openly, consistently and lawfully, always in the best interests of the child, young person or family and that any discretion is used appropriately. 


High quality services are delivered with integrity by a competent and knowledgeable team working in partnership to keep children and young people safe.