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Safeguarding Children’s Board website

Welcome to the Safeguarding Children’s Board website.

This website is intended to provide helpful safeguarding information, advice and guidance to our communities, those who work with children and young people, and children and young people themselves.

Our purpose as a Board is to ensure that there is effective safeguarding of children and young people in the Isle of Man. It is also to ensure that all those that provide services to children and young people work effectively together to provide coherent, co-ordinated safeguarding provision. Robust information sharing, communication and collective working is critical in ensuring children and young people are safeguarded.

The SCB comprises senior leaders from the key agencies that work with children and young people: Education; Health, Social Care, the Police Probation and Third Sector. It is supported by a range of groups that lead on key strands of activity related to our annual Business Plan.

This year we have set ourselves 5 priorities for action:

  • Ensuring safeguarding is everyone’s business;
  • Ensuring safeguarding policies and procedures are robust and have positive impact in safeguarding children;
  • Tackling areas of risk;
  • Developing the workforce to deliver effective safeguarding;
  • Enabling engagement with children and young people and with staff.

We have endeavoured to provide the information that you will find useful in making safeguarding your business and in understanding the work and impact of the SCB.  We welcome your feedback on the site and any ideas that you have that would make it even more useful.

For any training requirements please contact safeguardingboard.co@gov.im or (01624) 686117 or follow the attached link:

Please contact safeguardingboard.co@gov.im for a copy of the learning review dated July 2019